Water Wash Paint Booth

Water Wash Paint Booth: Get Rid of the Paint Particles in an Efficient Manner!

MV International has already made a mark across various processing industries by providing them with different means of heating and drying. Since the last few years, we have been flooded with requests from our clients who wish to get rid of their unwanted paint particles. That’s one reason why we have come up with the water wash paint booth. Our product is highly efficient and of high quality.

Coping with the viscosity and slackened pace of drying has always been a challenge for paint booth manufacturers. Our team of experts has brought something to light that was once considered impossible.

Our water wash paint booth can now cope with a wide range of paints. It’s known for its great drying pace and a wide variety of viscosity. The various building, fire, and health codes are known to match well with the water wash booths.

A section of the industry players is opting for dry booths as they think it yields more of pace and perfection. The more a wet booth loses control on its applications and maintenance; it stands a chance to get replaced by a dry booth. We understand it as an experienced water wash paint booth manufacturer. For a plethora of paints, we have never experienced any issue concerning the disposal of the filtering media. We understand how hard it becomes for our clients to run their business if the filtering medium gets exposed to harmful paints very frequently. 


Application For Liquid Painting, Automobiles, Metal industry, Furniture etc.
Air-Flow Direction Fully Undershot Type, Cross-Flow Type.
Capacity 2 HP to 10 HP
Power Supply 415 Volts AC 3 Phase 50 Hz
Outer Material MS, SS 304
Inner Material MS, SS 304
Advantages Micron filtration Up to 3 microns.
Accurate water flow control valve.