Dry Paint Booth

Dry Paint Booth: For Those That Remain Committed to Quick Delivery and Environmental Rules!

Printing plays a dominant role in selling and acquiring products regardless of whether they are a large ship or a small pen. Proper finishing plays a crucial role during the initial phase as it draws the attention of the buyer. The term dry paint booth signifies an absence of moisture in the booth. 

A new product fetches a lot of human attention concerning research work and work hours. Painting only begins after the approval of sample jobs both technically and mechanically. The dry paint booth acquires more attention due to the lower dryness of the sample quantities. The dry paint meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations very easily 

Dry booths that you usually come across in the neighborhood aren’t able to cope with the waste dust as it possesses a single filtration layer in the process of extraction. MV International has invented a dry paint booth, which comes with an extraction chamber that is equipped with a triple filtering arrangement for the paint particles. 

In comparison with the dry booth that’s designed in your neighborhood, it’s far superior and even adheres to the modern pollution rules. The dry filtration process has become a must for a large section of booths that are a part of the international manufacturing industry. A dry paint booth is your ideal option under all circumstances. 


Application For Liquid Painting, Automobiles, Metal industry, Furniture etc.
Air-Flow Direction Fully Undershot Type, Cross-Flow Type.
Filtration Hepa Filters very easy to replace.
Capacity 2 HP to 10 HP
Power Supply 415 Volts AC 3 Phase 50 Hz
Outer Material MS, SS 304
Inner Material: MS, SS 304
Advantages Micron filtration Up to 3 microns.
Accurate Air flow control valve.