Down Draft Paint Booth

Down Draft Paint Booth – Make Painting Easier and Keep the Costs Down!

MV International has launched the down draft paint booth with great success in recent times. The product is capable of delivering the unpolluted air from the ceiling to space. The exhaust works on the floor of our system. The paint booth allows clean air to enter its chamber and ensure that the painter gains a healthy and safe environment besides acquiring pure air quality that delivers smooth finishing, which is free from debris and dust particles. The paint booth has an exhaust that ensures a great finish and protects our health. 

Irrespective of the direction in which the painter sprays, the down draft paint booth utilizes the space to overspray. The painting job isn’t meant to be exhausted and the overspray isn’t supposed to get beyond the painter. The overspray is removed and shifted instantly. We make sure that such paint overspray never reaches the painter or even don’t reach a surface that’s newly painted. 

Downdraft Paint Booths: few Advantages!

down draft paint booth follows a draft pattern that’s pulled down from the ceiling to the ground. Down drafts may require pits made of concrete or may come with drive-up ramps attached to steel basements that enable them to rise. 


Application For Liquid Painting, Automobiles, Metal industry, Furniture etc.
Air-Flow Direction Fully Undershot Type, Cross-Flow Type.
Filtration Hepa Filters very easy to replace.
Capacity 2 HP to 10 HP
Power Supply 415 Volts AC 3 Phase 50 Hz
Outer Material MS, SS 304
Inner Material: MS, SS 304
Advantages Micron filtration Up to 3 microns.
Accurate Air flow control valve.