Side Draft Paint Booth

Side Draft Paint Booths And A Few Facts About Them

MV International has introduced a first-of-its-kind side draft paint booth that operates by letting air in via the ceiling and exhausting it out via the boundaries. We filter a large portion of the wall length and the whole ceiling for exhaustion.

Facts Concerning the Side Draft Paint Booth and How They Can Be Dealt:

  • • A side draft paint booth creates a uniform pattern of wind current around the painted article and fetches paint overspray and pollutants down and keep them away from the finish.
  • • Side draft paint booths even don't require pits made of concrete to work so the additional expense of such concrete work is curbed for the purchaser
  • • A paint booth of this sort often seems to be the most costly model coming from a side draft paint booth manufacturer. There is a full upper plenum developed over the place of construction and the side dividers must incorporate ventilation work and exhaust fans to accomplish the fumes. As far as material, it is the most durable sort of booth to construct.
  • • It's providing a nice draft pattern to the user that's more improved than the semi down draft paint booth. Yet it doesn't demand concrete work. That''s probably the reason why it's considered justified while counting the cost of concrete savings. The issue concerning the paint that even reaches out to the painter stays put to the side draft; you can't avoid it.


Application For Powder Coating, Painting, Automobiles, Metal industry, Furniture etc.
Air-Flow Direction Fully Undershot Type, Cross-Flow Type.
Filtration Hepa Filters very easy to replace.
Capacity 1 HP to 10 HP
Power Supply 415 Volts AC 3 Phase 50 Hz
Outer Material MS, SS 304
Inner Material: MS, SS 304
Advantages Micron filtration Up to 3 microns.
Accurate AIR flow control valve.