Overhead Conveyorized Oven

Over Head Conveyorized Ovens: Your Ultimate Solution for Curing Glue and Drying Paint

MV International has developed an Over-head conveyorized oven that is frequently utilized for applications like drying of paint, restoring of paste, vulcanization of elastic, contracting, solidifying and preheating in temperatures from 40° C up to 400°C. This kind of oven utilizes an overhead conveyor for the transportation of the load through it.  

It has a single or a few warming zones and it can likewise be conveyed with a cooling zone if necessary. The conveyor follows a few specific steps and the trapdoors are driven by the engine. Likewise, the oven can be outfitted with one or more inspection tools along the long sides if necessary. 

Our Over-head conveyorized oven is developed with an iron system and is protected with super-wool and mineral wool. The heater is secured with treated steel or standard steel sheets within. A single or a few warming fan units are mounted on the rooftop or the divider to ensure a high-temperature precision. Our fan units can simply be furnished with the outlet of air to ensure a smooth intake for accelerating the cooling procedure and for preoccupation of the perilous releases like smoke from oil and more. 

MV International Specialized in Ovens for Powder or Paint Relieving:

The design of our Over-head conveyorized oven involves a plethora of item measurements. The infrared banks are placed on a trolley or caster framework to enlarge or limit the parts window for improving the productivity of heat. The part window width is movable from 20" to 40". Changes can be tweaked for different item sizes and shapes.

MV International is known as an infrared pioneer. However, we plan and assemble an assortment of the Over-head Conveyorized oven. The model demonstrates a 41' long x 13' high x 8' wide oven with overhead transport. This gear was utilized to fix sticky glue at a temperature of 600°F. The highest working temperature for the oven was set at 700°F. However, the convection frameworks can be intended for activity up to 600°F.


Application For AC Coils, Painting, Automobiles, Metal Industry, Furniture etc.
Size of the working chamber As per client requirement.
Material of Construction Mild Steel, Stainless Steel 304 / 316 or any.
Temperature Range Ambient to 1500C / 2500C / 4000C / 5000C
Air circulation Vertical, Horizontal or Combination.
Timer Digital Pre-Settable with range up to 0 to 999 Minutes / Seconds.
Power supply 415 Volts 3 Phase 50Hz / 60Hz.
Heating Elements Low wattage Incoloy sheathed heating elements / SS Tubular.
Insulation Ceramic Wool / Mineral Wool
Height Adjustable Door Both sides on request.
AIR Curtains Both Sides on request for minimize the heat loss.
Exhaust Manual or Automatic Automatic forced exhaust system with fresh air inlet.
Manually adjustable damper with fresh air inlet.
Heating Media Electric / Gas / Diesel / Thermic OIL etc.