Infrared Conveyor Oven

Infrared Conveyor Oven Comes with the Best Heat Absorption and Temperature Control Systems!

MV International has manufactured an Infrared conveyor oven that has some similarities with electrical conveyor ovens. Our oven is capable of generating maximum heat by utilizing the short-wave element of the infrared lamp. Compared to convection ovens, our ovens are capable of lowering the cure time by about 75% since we’re resorting to precision designs. Depending on the needs of our clients across various industries, we manufacture the conveyors; our conveyors don’t need much space on the floor.

Infrared radiant heat energy has a close resemblance to electromagnetic wave energy. The waves move in a straight line and get reflected or absorbed by matter. When in contact with a prism or lenses, they can even be dispersed or focused. The temperature is bound to raise in an area that gains radiant energy when flooded by the infrared waves. A substance in the infrared conveyor oven has an inherent property like the wave absorption thereby leading to the occurrence of several applications that aren’t in line with other types of heating.

Infrared ray heating is suitable for 3-dimensional items when radiation absorption enhances the temperature consistently. The curing time, necessary temperature and job properties determine the selection of infrared rays regardless of whether they come as a long wavelength, medium wavelength, and short wavelength. Efficiency increases and hot air circulation occurs in low velocity alongside the heating caused by radiation. Ducts that are scientifically designed realize the conveyor oven.


Application For AC Coils, Painting, Automobiles, Metal Industry, Furniture etc.
Size of the working chamber As per client requirement.
Material of Construction Mild Steel, Stainless Steel 304 / 316 or any.
Temperature Range Ambient to 1500C / 2500C / 4000C / 5000C
Air circulation Vertical, Horizontal or Combination.
Timer Digital Pre-Settable with range up to 0 to 999 Minutes / Seconds.
Power supply 415 Volts 3 Phase 50Hz / 60Hz.
Heating Elements Low wattage Incoloy sheathed heating elements / SS Tubular.
Insulation Ceramic Wool / Mineral Wool
Height Adjustable Door Both sides on request.
AIR Curtains Both Sides on request for minimize the heat loss.
Exhaust Manual or Automatic Automatic forced exhaust system with fresh air inlet.
Manually adjustable damper with fresh air inlet.
Heating Media Electric / Gas / Diesel / Thermic OIL etc.