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About MV International

We are a Involved Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier Of INDUSTRIAL OVENS and other heating equipment since 1989. Our custom and standard industrial ovens are used for multiple applications including Baking, Drying, Finishing, Painting, Heat Treatment, Annealing etc.

Many of the industries we serve require specific temperature parameters and mainly uniformity of the equipment. Our experienced engineers are able to design most efficient and stringent standards of INDUSTRIAL OVENS for our valued customers.

We are specialised in custom built ovens which operate at temperature ranges from 500 C to 6000 C using Electricity, Gas (Direct or Indirect Gas Fired), Diesel, Steam or Thermal Fluids.

We manufacture different types of Industrial Ovens please have a look at our endless product range in OUR PRODUCTS.

Why Us ?

  • We design Industrial Ovens to meet your needs.
  • Innovative and creative with our solutions.
  • Always available to answer your questions
  • Timely responsive to solve your problems
  • Committed to guaranteeing satisfaction
  • Dedicated to showing our customers just how valuable they are.
  • Especially best price and unmatched quality.
  • Application, temperature and usage requirements.
  • Any size or capacity.
  • Dependability, Safety and many more...


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