Welding Rod Oven 10 kg Digital

Welding Rod Oven – How It Makes a Difference for Many Industrial Projects

MV International has gathered substantial knowledge on the various processes of industrial oven manufacturing over the years. We have understood specific factors that weaken ovens and restrict their performance. We have identified a few reasons behind porous and cracked welds; the primary reason being the presence of moisture within the stick electrode.

Being a leading manufacturer of the welding rod oven, we have ensured that our welding and fabrication team concentrates more on the right storage options for the welding rods besides keeping them dry. It’s only then that we’ll be able to ensure welding work worth high quality. We cater to several industrial applications that make us a reliable brand for the clients. We have pretty many options for you to choose from if you are searching for a durable and efficient welding rod oven.


Application Remove moisture from electrodes before use.
Capacity 10 Kg
Temperature Range Ambient to - 2000C / 3000C
Temperature Controller Thermostat
Digital Model also available
Power Supply 230 Volts AC / 80 Volts DC
Outer Finish Powder Coated
Weight of equipment 10 Kgs approx.
Advantages Easily carry at site