Top Loading SAW Flux Oven With Timmer and Alarm Settings

Top Loading SAW Flux Oven - Beat Contamination & Boost Your Welding Job

MV International has left a mark in the metal welding industry by manufacturing several industrial ovens. Our SAW flux oven suffices multiple industrial purposes besides baking the flux; it upgrades the welding quality and finishing work while driving the moisture out. Our experts mostly cater to SAW (Submerged arc welding), which is a popular welding procedure across numerous industries that indulge in equipment management and structural development. 

During the work, we follow methodologies that are either semi-automated or entirely automated for supporting the consumable in solid-state or the electrode in tube form. The SAW flux oven performs the welding job below a proactive cover that’s the outcome of a granular material layer, which gets shaped while melting or feeding the electrode inside the arc.

While the flux is heated, it turns into a molten state and contributes to a tough layer. The molten state of the flux turns it conductive and allows it to maintain a uniform flow of current for the welding action and the electrode.

The top loading SAW flux oven with timer and alarm settings supports numerous functions. The flux protects the portion that turns into molten matter besides protecting the weld. The welding properties, the weld bead formation, and the metal get affected by flux. It eases the penetration of weld at a much deeper level by distributing heat all over the welding area.

The granular flux performs several functions that are utilized in SAW. Alongside safeguarding the weld, it cleans and covers the molten form. Flux is usually used to drive the impurities out of the welding area. 

Hydrogen is released by flux once it gets moisture-contaminated, which develops pinholes and cracks going forward. These cracks and holes are viewable with the naked eyes, especially when you indulge in top loading SAW flux oven with timer and alarm settings. Flux has to be dried when you don’t want corrosion to be passed on to aluminum and other identical metals.

The SAW flux oven proves to be an integral part of the welding work by contributing to high-quality welding. As an expert manufacturer of ovens, we have matched each application that is required for flux heating.

MV International has caught much attention from buyers with the SAW flux oven. It can be developed in a plethora of capacities to serve several industrial welding applications. The heating-up period recorded for our SAW flux oven has topped the industry, and we give credit to our proprietary design and all industries that use our products.


Application Remove moisture from SMAW Flux before use.
Capacity 250 Kgs / 500 Kgs
Temperature Range Ambient to - 4000C / 5000C.
Temperature Controller Digital
Tank / Hopper 1 Nos. / 2 Nos
Power Supply 415 Volts AC 3 Phase 50 Hz
Outer Finish Enamel Paint
Inner Paint Aluminium coating high temp
Weight of equipment 500Kgs / 700 kgs approx
Advantages Can use for baking and holding both.