Portable Welding Oven 80 Volts DC

Portable Welding Oven – All Advanced Features for the Modern Industries

MV International understands the needs of high-quality welding in all processing industries. We want our clients to use the best-in-class welds for all their projects. Industries like oil refineries, ship manufacturers, aerospace services and construction sites need portable electrode ovens and welding rod ovens very frequently. We have come up with a portable welding oven that’s controlled thermostatically and is capable of drying the welding rods effectively.

We have largely contributed towards preventing welds of inferior quality through proper maintenance of the welding rods. Our portable welding oven helps the rods from accumulating moisture while they are lying idle. Our highly sophisticated developing center has all the advanced equipment that is necessary for manufacturing these industrial ovens. We have never left any leaf unturned when it comes to acquiring cutting-edge technologies.


Application Remove moisture from electrodes before use.
Capacity 5 Kg / 10 Kg
Temperature Range Ambient to - 2000C / 3000C
Temperature Controller Thermostat
Digital Model also available
Power Supply 80 Volts DC {110 Volts AC & 230 Volts AC Model also available}.
Outer Finish Powder Coated
Weight of equipment 10 Kgs approx.
Advantages Easily carry at site