Portable Electrode Quiver 9kg With Auto Cut

Portable Electrode Quiver - Ensure Long Life and High Performance of Electrodes

MV International is known for manufacturing a wide range of industrial ovens, the most common ones being the welding oven, holding oven, rod oven & portable oven. Moisture from the atmosphere gets absorbed by the electrodes, particularly the ones that show resemblance to low hydrogen powder, which is used for welding. The electrodes need to be dried again if the level of moisture crosses the level recommended for a specific flux model uniformly.

Such re-drying of electrodes needs to be done by up to 200°C for an entire hour. It will help in driving away moisture that gets absorbed in excess from the coating of the flux. We at MV International has developed a portable electrode quiver that is a great option for electrode re-drying apart from driving moisture.

Our portable electrode quiver is worth superior quality and comes to you in a comprehensive range that you can choose for re-drying of excess moisture-laden electrodes. The arc shield acquires water vapor caused as a result of dampness. The quality of the portion of the electrode that’s welded and its active properties are adversely affected by such accumulation of vapor. 

The electrodes perform better and achieve a longer life when they get associated with our electrode quiver. A precise setting is associated with manual and digital thermostat. Welds of radiographic quality are produced by consumables that are fully preheated and dried.  


Application Remove moisture from electrodes before use.
Capacity 9 Kg
Temperature Range Ambient to - 1500C
Temperature Controller Thermostat
Digital Model also available
Power Supply 230 Volts AC {110 Volts AC & 80 Volts DC Model also available}.
Outer Finish Powder Coated
Weight of equipment 5 Kgs approx.
Advantages Easily carry at site