Multi Chamber Electrode And Flux Baking Ovens

Multi Chamber Electrode & Flux Baking Ovens Suffice All Industrial Applications and Storage Requirements

MV International has been regarded as a reliable brand in the field of industrial equipment. We have recently come up with the most advanced baking oven of our times that is known as the Bench Oven. The installation process of these ovens is quite simple and yet the ovens appear to be versatile in every sense. You may pick a table or a bench for installing the Bench oven and can even move it around as it’s quite portable. We have created the provision of hot air circulation for the operator.

We are in the oven-manufacturing business for the last three decades and we have successfully met all the client specifications. These ovens are very much designed and manufactured with our cutting edge technologies and within our world-class office. We are utilizing first-class quality crude materials that we acquire from solid sources as they are.

MV International has a dedicated group of value analysts who check every single unit on many stringent parameters preceding delivery. Along these lines, we guarantee that our customers get a faultless series of items from us. With our multi chamber electrode & flux baking ovens, we have kept an eye on all around characterized parameters before final delivery.


Application Remove moisture from welding electrodes and SAW Flux before use.
Capacity As per client requirement.
Temperature Range Ambient to - 3000C / 4000C / 5000C.
Temperature Controller Digital
Chambers 4 Nos.
Power Supply 415 Volts AC 3 Phase 50 Hz
Outer Finish Enamel Paint
Inner Paint Aluminium coating high temp.
Weight of equipment 700-750 Kgs approx.
Advantages Can use for baking and holding both.
User can set different temperature in each chamber