Mother Oven 200 kg

Mother Oven - A Robust and Yet so Energy and Cost Effective Option

MV International is known as the best producers, providers, and exporters of Mother Oven in a global market. This oven is generally utilized for the processes of warming, heating and drying. Each top burner of this oven is furnished with an electronic air valve for averting the chilly wind stream inside the thermally protected chamber. The dampness from the burners gives a positive effect on item improvement, outside layer and taste. Further, this Mother Oven guarantees preeminent control of heating practices. 

As an expert mother oven manufacturer, we exceeded the expectations of our clients with high output and efficiency. We have set an example by serving various industry applications. To ensure a consistent flow of the fume, we have made it highly resistant towards temperature. 

We are a world-class organization occupied with assembling and providing brilliant quality Mother Ovens to welding industry. It is manufactured utilizing the most elevated evaluation parts so as to make it productive and work in a composed way. Alongside this, our oven has an optimized structure which makes it helpful for the laborers to deal with problems and ensure smooth work. 


Application Remove moisture from welding electrodes before use.
Capacity 200 Kgs
Temperature Range Ambient to - 4000C / 5000C.
Temperature Controller Digital
Trays 20 Nos.
Power Supply 415 Volts AC 3 Phase 50 Hz
Outer Finish Enamel Paint
Inner Paint Aluminium coating high temp.
Weight of equipment 500-550 Kgs approx
Advantages Can use for baking and holding both.