Flux Drying Oven 100 kg 400 Deg C

Flux Drying Oven - Customized Storage & Drying Options Make Things Easier For Your Applications!

MV International has a team of technicians that have gained hands-on experience in developing heating and drying equipment for numerous processing industries. With every milestone that we achieved, we learned to upgrade our systems through constant research and experiments.

We have come up with a flux drying oven that seems to be a perfect fit for industrial operations like submerged arc welding. The weld pool is safeguarded from atmospheric moisture as the oven comes with a protective layer of the flux. Apart from preventing the weld surface from being oxidized, the flux also safeguards the metal.

We have spent substantial time and funds in directing our efforts at heating, treating, and keeping flux in varying quantities while designing our flux drying oven. That's why we succeeded in delivering a product that matches all preset industry applications perfectly.

Our flux drying oven takes an average time to be heated. Once heated, you may preserve the flux to be used by maintaining about 350 Deg Celsius, which is beyond the ambient temperature.

Be it for controllability or accuracy, you may control our flux drying oven digitally. On request we may develop the inner tank of the oven in a conical shape, through which the flux can reach the drying oven placed at the top; the chute at the bottom will help in depositing it neatly.


Application Remove moisture from SMAW Flux before use.
Capacity 100 Kgs
Temperature Range Ambient to -4000C / 5000C
Temperature Controller Digital
Trays 6 Nos
Air Circulation 1 HP Blower 1400 RPM
Power Supply 415 Volts AC 3 Phase 50 Hz
Outer Finish Enamel Paint
Inner Paint Aluminium coating high temp
Weight of equipment 450-500 Kgs approx
Advantages Can use for baking and holding both