Flux Baking Oven 200 kg 500 Deg C

Flux Baking Oven - Control Your Welding Quality & Ensure Smooth Heating

MV International has developed several industrial ovens that are now an indispensable part of the heating and processing industry. Besides being easy to load, our flux baking oven is quite lightweight and portable.

At the same time, you’ll notice how rugged they are. However, they are your best option for extending an inexpensive welding quality-control besides ensuring ease of transport and loading at the job site or within the factory.

On request, we may even provide you with a couple of separate hoppers that enable you to dry and store fluxes of varying types at the same time. Apart from a flux heating system, the flux baking oven comes with individual thermometers, lifting lugs, and hinged lids for loading.

MV International had launched the flux baking oven with an auto cut-off facility. We understand how porosity or cracks develop due to the presence of moisture on the welding flux. Our experts understand how it affects the operational characteristics. Alongside cracking, we have noticed complex slag removal, the inferior performance of the smaw flux, a rough weld surface, and the fluidity getting excessively slag.


Application Remove moisture from SMAW Flux before use
Capacity 200 Kgs
Temperature Range Ambient to -4000C / 5000C
Temperature Controller Digital
Trays 10 Nos.
Air Circulation 1 HP Blower 1400 RPM
Power supply 415 Volts AC 3 Phase 50 Hz
Outer Finish Enamel Paint
Inner Paint Aluminium coating high temp
Weight of equipment 600-650 Kgs approx
Advantages Can use for baking and holding both