SAW Flux Baking Oven Top Loading and Front Loading

SAW Flux Baking Oven - How It Performs the Welding Job and Protects From Contamination!

MV International designs and develops several baking ovens, which are used across the welding industry. Our SAW flux baking oven performs a crucial role besides baking the flux; it improves the finish and quality of welding besides removing the moisture content. Our team of experts often resort to SAW (Submerged arc welding), which is a usual welding process across industries that are into the construction of vessels and structural development.

We use different methods that are either semi-automatic or fully automatic for feeding the solid consumable or tubular electrode during the work process. The welding job performed by a SAW flux baking oven takes place underneath a proactive cover that’s delivered by a granular material layer, which assumes shape as you melt or feed the electrode inside the arc.

This fusible material is known as Flux and it comprises of several compounds like that of calcium fluoride, manganese oxide, silica, and lime. A tough layer is formed by heating the flux and turning it molten. The flux gets conductive in its molten state, thus allowing it to provide for a uniform current between the welding action and the electrode. Until the remaining flux gets contaminated, you may recover and reuse it.

The top loading SAW flux baking oven performs a series of functions. The flux covers the molten matter apart from extending a protective shield on the weld. The flux leaves an impact on the welding properties, the shape of the weld bead and the metal. It facilitates weld penetration at a much deeper level by conveying heat throughout the welding area.

Multiple functions are served by the granular flux that we use in SAW. Apart from protecting the weld, it cleans and safeguards the molten form. Flux is mostly used for driving impurities out of the weld area.

Flux releases hydrogen if it gets contaminated by moisture, which in turn, creates pinholes and cracks. These cracks and holes are visible to the naked eyes, especially when you engage in front loading SAW flux baking oven appliances. Flux needs to be dry if you don’t want it to extend corrosion to aluminum and a few other metals.

The SAW flux baking oven has become an indispensable part of the welding operation as it maintains high-quality welding. Being an experienced manufacturer of baking ovens, we have matched every industrial application that is used by professionals for flux heating.

MV International has come up with a SAW flux baking oven that can be delivered in multiple capacities for facilitating a variety of welding applications. The heat-up times achieved by our flux baking oven is topping the industry, and we owe much of our success to a plethora of industries besides our proprietary design.

Flux Holding Oven 50 kg 300 degc
Flux Holding Oven 50 kg 300 Deg C
Flux Drying Oven 100 kg 400 degc
Flux Drying Oven 100 kg 400 Deg C
Flux Baking Oven 200 kg 500 degc
Flux Baking Oven 200 kg 500 Deg C
Flux Heating Oven 300 kg With Digital Controller
Flux Heating Oven 300 kg With Digital Controller
Welding Flux Oven 500 Kg
Welding Flux Oven 500

Top Loading SAW Flux Oven With Timmer and Alarm Settings
Top Loading SAW Flux Oven With Timmer and Alarm Settings
Mother Flux Oven High Temp 600 degc
Mother Flux Oven High Temp 600 Deg C